Friday, July 19, 2024
BerandaHukum & Kriminal2 Bad Teenagers Carrying Sickles Wanting to Fight Arrested by Polda Metro...

2 Bad Teenagers Carrying Sickles Wanting to Fight Arrested by Polda Metro 3P Team Patrol in Larangan, JAKARTA – The routine measured patrol activities of the Precision Pioneer Patrol Team (3P) of Polda Metro Jaya in the early hours of Friday, (14/6) predominantly targeted the western area of ​​the capital city. The areas of Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Barat and the buffer area of ​​Tangerang City are the planned targets for the prevention crime monitoring team.

Led by Ipda Moch Januar Fauzy and Ipda Gandi Rezeki Sinaga as Dantim 3P Platoon 2, this patrol with 27 personnel left Polda Metro Jaya for the starting grid on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman at 00.40 WIB.

After carrying out a warm-up lap or sighting lap show of force at around 00.45 WIB, the patrol moved towards Jalan Raya Joglo, Jakarta Barat.

In this area, the patrol team’s emphasis is more on a dialogical approach. To the residents they encountered, the Polda Metro 3P Team personnel conveyed an appeal to the community security and order message to further increase security and social security activities to prevent disturbances to social security and order in their environment.

At 02.00 WIB, a patrol from the Polda Metro 3P Team encountered a group of violent teenagers about to brawl in the Larangan Indah area, Tangerang City. Quick steps were taken to meet them and block their movements so they wouldn’t run away.

During the inspection and search, 2 teenagers were caught red-handed carrying sharp sickle weapons. The two bad teenagers who were caught red-handed were identified as Pradipta Patih Selanoh (18), a resident of Jalan Buntu RT 002 RW 09, Larangan Indah and Muhammad Rabil Ali (18), a resident of Jalan Haji Nahari RT 003 RW 09, Larangan. Both of them were immediately transported to the Polsek Ciledug along with evidence of 2 sickles for further legal examination.

After all the affairs of these two bad teenagers were completely handed over to the Polsek Ciledug, a strong point patrol was again carried out by the Polda Metro 3P Team in the Jalan Ciledug Raya area to anticipate street crime, brawls, illegal racing and motorbike theft.

Overall, the situation in the Polda Metro 3P Team patrol area was observed to be under control in the early hours of this morning. At around 04.00 WIB, the patrol team finished their activities and returned to the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya.

The closing of the consolidation roll call became a siren marking the completion of today’s patrol activities. See you with the next patrol which coincides with the opening of Euro 2024 in Germany this morning. Auf wiedersehen. (Bembo)

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