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2 Boys Confess to Being Molested, Polres Metro Depok Hunt for the Victim’s Grandfather and Uncle, DEPOK – Polres Metro Depok are hunting for the grandfather and uncle of a 9 year old brother and 7 year old girl in Tapos, Depok. The grandfather and uncle reported the parents of the two boys to the police for committing depraved acts of sexual abuse against their two children.

The report is written in Police Report (LP) Number: LP/B/1055//2024/SPKT/POLES METRO DEPOK/POLDA METRO JAYA on May 20 2024 at 18.36 WIB.

When confirmed, the Head of the Polres Metro Depok  PPA Unit, Iptu Nurhayati confirmed this.

“Yes, it is suspected that there were two perpetrators, an uncle and a grandfather. Meanwhile, the victims were two children who were brothers,” he said, Monday, (10/6).

Iptu Nurhayati said, that the start of this depraved act was revealed on Friday, (17/5) at around 18.30 WIB. The victim, a 7 year old girl, was asked by her mother to tell her story. The victim was asked and asked to admit whether the victim had ever been molested by her uncle.

“At that time, the victim did not confess because the perpetrator had previously threatened her not to tell the story. Due to constant pressure from her mother, the victim finally admitted that she had been molested by her uncle,” said Iptu Nurhayati.

Meanwhile, the chronology of the perverted acts carried out by the grandfather occurred in July 2022. At that time, the victim, a 9 year old boy, was staying at his grandfather’s house. When the situation was quiet, the lecherous grandfather immediately molested the victim until he suffered injuries to his genitals. The victim admitted that this depraved and perverted act by the grandfather had occurred three times.

This perverted act by the grandfather and uncle was the basis for the victim’s mother to take the two of them to the Polres Metro Depok. (Bembo)

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