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2 ‘Demon Children’ Brawl Bring Torches and Golf Stick ‘Scratched’ 3P Polres Metro Jaktim, JAKARTA – Quick and decisive action reflexes were demonstrated by the East Jakarta Metro Police’s Pioneer Precision Patrol (3P) Team  when they encountered a group of ‘demon children’ teenagers who were brawling violently on Jalan Rawa Binong, Lubang Buaya, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur, Sunday, (23/6 ) early this morning. The brawling action was immediately disbanded and the ‘demon children’ who had run away were chased down.

Apparently these ‘devil’s children’ are also agile. They really understand the conditions in the field and know exactly the routes for mice to escape. But the 3Ps of the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur aren’t necessarily empty-handed. There are 2 ‘demon children’ who were successfully ‘carded’ in this chase. One was carrying a sharp weapon and the other was carrying a golf stick.

The two ‘demon children’ teenagers were then transported to the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur for further processing. These two motorbikes were ridden by ‘demon children’
They also took them to escape.

Kasat Samapta of the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kompol Capt. Hendra Wijaya in his official statement said,
his party will continue to intensively carry out precision pioneer patrols to prevent brawls from occurring in the Jakarta Timue jurisdiction. The results of today’s arrests are proof of the commitment of 3P Polres Metro Jakarta Timur to secure the area from actions that have disturbed the peace of the community to rest.

“3P Polres Metro Jakarta Timur will wipe out brawls, illegal racing and street crimes, including thefts that occur in Jakarta Timur. That is our commitment,” emphasized Kompol Hendra. (Bembo)

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