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BerandaHukum & Kriminal2 Mobile SIM Service Locations Tangerang City, Thursday, July 4 2024

2 Mobile SIM Service Locations Tangerang City, Thursday, July 4 2024, TANGERANG – The Tangerang City SIM Administrative Organizing Unit (Satpas SIM) is opening a Mobile SIM service for applicants from Tangerang City residents who wish to extend their SIM validity period in 2 locations, Thursday, (4/7).

This Mobile SIM service serves applications for extending SIM A and C before the validity period expires. If the SIM validity period expires, the renewal service cannot be carried out and you must return to the administration process for issuing a new SIM.

The two Mobile SIM service locations in the Tangerang City area today are at:

1. Graha Raya Pinang Modern Market, 08.00 – 12.00 WIB.

2. Mc. Donalds Jatake Tangerang, 08.00 – 12.00 WIB.

Regarding renewal fees, in accordance with PP Number 60 of 2016 concerning Non-Tax State Revenue for SIM A it is Rp80.000 and for SIM C Rp75.000.

Apart from these fees, applicants also need to pay other additional fees such as a psychological test fee of Rp37.500 and an insurance fee of Rp50.000.

Regarding how to extend a SIM A or C, the conditions that must be brought to get this service are to bring an original KTP and a photocopy, bring a valid original SIM, and take a SIM psychological test.

As additional information, drivers who cannot show a valid driver’s license will be subject to a violation of Article 288 paragraph 2 of Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation. The maximum sanction that can be received is being confined to a cell for a maximum of one month or a fine of up to Rp250.000. (Bembo)

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