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25 Brimob Polda Metro Unit Personnel with Achievements Receive Awards, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya gives high appreciation to 25 Sat Brimob Polda Metro Jaya personnel who have made achievements in a number of championship events. This form of appreciation was actualized by the Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Aryo Seto by handing out medals to 4 representatives of the Brimob Unit of Polda Metro Jaya who won the IBCA MMA Cup Championship, Shooting Danjen Kopassus Cup, Taekwondo Pangkostrad Cup and Pencak Silat KONI DKI Jakarta Cup this year. 2024.

In his speech reading out the mandate of the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Wakapolda Suyudi expressed his thanks to the 25 outstanding Brimob Sat personnel who have brought the Polda Metro Jaya name good name. He hopes that this award can be a motivation and enthusiasm for all personnel to continue to excel in various fields, including sports.

“This is a concrete manifestation of the consistent implementation of the reward and punishment system carried out by Polda Metro Jaya,” said Wakapolda Suyudi.

Furthermore, he also believes that there are other members who have made achievements even without a certificate

“Like Bhabinkamtibmas members and Patrol members who carry out their duties to prevent crimes from occurring. This is actually more noble than disclosure after a crime has occurred,” he said.

Apart from that, Wakapolda Suyudi also reminded the Kasatwil to be more intense in being present in the community and reviving the Satkamling that had been formed.

“We continue to carry out preventive strike activities through large-scale patrols, both at the Polda, Polres and Polsek levels. Also involve relevant stakeholders,” he reminded again.

The following are outstanding Brimob members who received awards:

Gold Medal

1. Bripka Ciciota Surbakti.
2. Bripda Ardine Reza Pahlevi.
3. Bripda Mochamad Bizar Hareza.

Silver Medal

4. Bripda M Ghifari Naufal.
5. Bripda Agus Tinus Rio.
6. Bripda Fathul Alam Santoso.
7. Briptu Okky Lyandi Brata Sena.
8. Bripda Andika Pramasta. 9. Bripda Carlito Ojorio. 10. Bripda Christian Lio Siahahan.
11. Bripda Siti Andriani.
12. Bripda Gilang Rafly Maulana.
13. Bripda Iqbal Ichsanun Yusuf.
14. Bripda Dimas Adrijo.
15. Bripda Johanes Bright Parlindungan Panjaitan.

Bronze Medal

16. Bripda Abdan Syukur.
17. Bripda Rafi Aqil. Pratama.
18. Bripda M Zahrawi Yusuf.
19. Bripda Raka Zidan.
20. Bripda Osama Rezkya Saladin.
21. Bripda Sultan Fahrezi.
22. Briptu Abdullah Zain.
23. Bripda Anandha Aira Alfabiansyah.
24. Bripda Indra Wira Wicaksana.
25. Bharatu Khabib Ali. (Bembo)

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