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3P Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Arrest 14 Naughty Teenagers Pretending to Be Violent and Wanting to Brawl in Kampung Melayu, JAKARTA – The quick response action of monitoring patrols from the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur arrested 14 violent badung teenagers who were looking for brawl opponents on Jalan Terminal Kampung Melayu, Jatimegara, Jakarta Timur, Wednesday, (10/7) last afternoon. They can be caught because they are too stupid and innocent to play social media.

Kanit of Patrol Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, Iptu Rano in his official statement explained, that these 14 naughty teenagers who act violently but are stupid are looking for brawl opponents by broadcasting live via the Instagram account @phegray.153com. This live broadcast was detected by the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur 3P Team while carrying out a cyber patrol.

Without using the word long, armed with the live broadcast, the patrol team immediately rushed to the broadcast location and found this group of teenagers at Jalan Terminal Kampung Melayu.

“The Polres Metro Jakarta Timur 3P Team immediately approached this group of teenagers and blocked their movement. During the inspection, they found 3 crossbars,” said Iptu Rano, Thursday, (11/7).

When the identification was carried out, continued Inspector Rano, of the 14 teenagers who were recorded, it turned out that 8 were still students at SMA PGRI 1 Halim Perdanakusuma. Then there are 2 more people who are alumni of that school.

Long story short, these 14 stupid, stupid and violent teenagers were immediately transported to the Polsek Jatinegara for further examination. They also underwent a urine test from the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Health Section to answer suspicions of drug influence. Thankfully the urine of all these teenagers tested negative for drugs. So now we just have to wait for the training schedule so that they can all return to being good teenagers. That’s just it, Ndan. This story is finished. (Bembo)

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