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3P Polres Metro Jaksel ‘Locked Up’ 8 ‘Demon Children’ Who Perpetrated Brawl at Pasar Minggu, JAKARTA – The strong point patrol movement of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of the Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan succeeded in arresting 8 teenagers from the ‘demon child’ clan who were brawling on Jl Raya Pasar Minggu, exactly in front of the Pomad bus stop, Monday, (1/7) early morning. This action is a form of the patrol team’s quick response to information from the public via the toll-free line 110.

Kasat Samapta Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan, AKBP Rosa Witarsa in his official statement said, that 3P Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan moved quickly to the location of the brawl after receiving this information. When they arrived at the location, the patrol team immediately pushed into the crowd to break up the brawl.

A chase was also carried out because these super naughty teenagers tried to escape to save themselves in the 8 cardinal directions. But there’s still something wrong. A total of 8 teenagers from the ‘demon child’ clan were successfully ‘locked up’ in the chase.

“With them, evidence was also found of 7 sharp weapons and 2 cellphones. They were all immediately transported by the patrol team to the Polsek Pancoran  for further processing,” said AKBP Rosa Witarsa, Monday, (1/7) yesterday.

Furthermore, AKBP Rosa also expressed her thanks to the community for their active participation in providing important information to the police. Brawls that disturb residents can be dispersed and the perpetrators can also be ‘wrapped’. The situation is back under control.

“We continue to urge the public never to hesitate to report suspicious or disturbing activities to the police. We ensure that we will act quickly to maintain environmental security so that it remains conducive,” said AKBP Rosa, guaranteeing. (Bembo)

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