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5 Teenagers Acting Fierce After a Brawl were Caught in the Act by 3P Polda Metro in Pulogadung, JAKARTA – The monitoring movement of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of the Metro Jaya Police on last Friday, (28/6) early morning picked up 5 aggressive teenagers from the ‘son of the devil’ clan who were caught brawling on Jalan Arus Jati, Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur. From their hands they also found 2 sharp sickle-type weapons. So they had a bad day at that time.

The story of the 5 teenagers from the ‘son of the devil’ clan began with the take-off of a patrol team with 20 personnel led by Ipda. Desvento Nainggolan from the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya hangar at around 00.40 WIB.

Arriving at the starting grid point on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat, at around 00.47 WIB, a show of force patrol was immediately launched towards Jalan Imam Bonjol and Jalan Proklamasi.

The situation was recorded as safe and friendly, the patrol team then turned towards Jakarta Timur via the Jalan Raya Matraman gate. Until then at around 02.17 WIB, while on the Jalan Panca Warga lap, the patrol team encountered a group of suspicious teenagers. They were immediately approached and examined. Turns out it’s clear. No dangerous objects or materials were found from them. A message then came out from the patrol team to tell them to hurry home. Still 86 states.

When entering the Jalan Pulomas Selatan lap, the patrol team passed a teenager riding a modified motorbike that was not standard. He meant to be stylish, but his motorbike was stopped by the patrol team. Suddenly his style disappeared.

An examination was then carried out on the teenager and his modified motorbike. It turned out to be safe and all the motorbike documents were complete. This teenager was asked to go home immediately so he wouldn’t get lost again. He nodded as he walked home. The situation is still under control.

Entering at 03.32 WIB, 3P Polda Metro carried out a ring patrol to the Polsek Pulogadung Station area and its surroundings. For the next hour the situation still looked exciting. However, when it was 04.53 WIB at dawn, there were 5 teenagers whose movements looked suspicious on Jalan Arus Jati, Pulogadung. The patrol team immediately approached them and carried out an inspection.

Alas, these 5 teenagers apparently joined the ‘son of the devil’ clan and had just returned from a brawl. The two sharp sickle-type weapons they were carrying were also available to the patrol team. A number of initial interrogations were immediately carried out on them.

Of the 5 teenagers from the ‘devil’s child’ clan who were caught red-handed, 2 were identified as minors. These two teenagers are Nabil Fahri (16) and Kavi Putra Pratama (15).

Meanwhile, 3 other teenagers who are also friends of Nabil and Kavi are classified as being able to apply for visas to stay in prison. They are, Muhammad Rasya Thomas (17), Khairun Zidan Putra Awalan (21) and Wira Winata Sanjaya (19).

In order to shorten time because dawn would soon arrive, the 5 teenagers from the ‘devil’s child’ clan were immediately taken by the 3P Polda Metro Jaya Team to the Polsek Pulogadung Station for further processing. Evidence was also handed over, 2 sharp sickle weapons, 2 flags, 2 alma maters with the words Koja Gangs, 2 cellphones and a blue Honda Beat B 5551 THW motorbike.

The work of the Polda Metro Jaya 3P Team only finished after daylight. At around 06.30 WIB, the patrol team finally returned to commando landing at the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya. The consolidation roll call concluded this activity. Bye. (Bembo)

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