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5 Teenagers ‘Devil’s Child’ Clan for Sharp Weapons Transactions Caught by 3P Polda Metro in Kayuringin

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Enhanced routine activities (KRYD) monitoring patrols of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya on Thursday, (27/6) early this morning targeted 3 measured areas, namely Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Timur and Bekasi City.

The patrol team with 26 personnel led by Ipda Heri Febriyanto, Ipda Donni Prasetio and Aipda M.P Ambarita took off from the hangar of the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya at around 00.40 WIB. From there, the patrol team calmly moved towards the starting grid line on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan.

After arriving at this point, a new show of force patrol was set up in the direction of Jakarta Timur. Several laps were then carried out in the Jalan Pondok Gede area and the results were monitored as safe, peaceful and fun. Then at around 02.18 WIB, monitoring patrols only discovered 3 teenagers who were recorded making suspicious movements on Jalan Jatibening II.

The three were immediately approached and examined. Turns out it’s safe. No dangerous objects or materials were found, including sharp weapons, from them. The identities of the three are also clear. A good kid just wandering out in the middle of the night. After being talked to and given advice, the three of them woke up from their daze and wanted to go home immediately.

Entering the time at 03:35 WIB, while walking along the Kayuringin Jaya area, the patrol team passed three rather dirty teenagers riding on a motorbike or three of them. His movements were also suspicious because he looked panicked and anxious about meeting the police in the middle of the night. They were then stopped and examined.

Well, it was finally discovered that these three teenagers turned out to be a clan of ‘devil’s child’ who liked to brawl fiercely. When their cellphones were checked, the transaction communication for purchasing sharp weapons (sajam) online was also clearly visible. Tracing was carried out by the patrol team to find the weapon via the ‘devil’s child’ cell phone maps.

And bingo. The tracing results arrived at Jalan Lieutenant Arsyad Number 24, Kayuringin. A sharp weapon of the corbek type and a blunt weapon of the golf stick type were obtained. This includes the two sellers who are still teenagers too.

But ironically, of the 5 teenagers who were arrested – 3 were buyers and 2 were sellers, 4 of whom were still underage. They are, Ramadhan Aditya (13), Abizar Lista Putra (16), Ahfun Bimantara (14), and Ridwan Gunawan (15). Meanwhile, another person, Sadam Gaddafi (19), has been allowed to apply for a visa to stay in prison if proven to have violated a crime.

To shorten the story, the 5 teenagers from the ‘son of the devil’ clan were then transported and handed over by the patrol team to the Polsek Bekasi Selatan for further business. Evidence was also handed over: a corbek, a golf stick, 4 cellphones and a red Honda Vario motorbike with plate B 5677 TJE.

After this matter was finished, the patrol team rushed back to command at Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya at around 05.30 WIB. The consolidation call as usual is the closing word of this chapter. See you tomorrow in the next chapter, bro. (Bembo)

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