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9 Years of UI Student Death Case Hasn’t Been Revealed, Polres Metro Depok Continue Investigation, DEPOK – Polres Metro Depok is trying to continue and perfect the investigation process into the death of University of Indonesia (UI) student Akseyna Ahad Dori at Lake Kenanga, north side of the University of Indonesia Hall, Depok, West Java. For nine years, this case has remained a mystery. The perpetrator is still roaming free and has not been caught.

Just to recall, Akseyna was found dead in a lake on Thursday 26 March 2015. When Polsek Beji and Polres Metro Depok officers lifted her body in the middle of heavy rain, the still unidentified victim was wearing black sneakers, gray jeans and a white t-shirt.

There were bricks tied to his body when he was found. victim. It is strongly suspected that the victim was deliberately drowned. There were also marks of blunt force violence on the victim’s forehead.

Kapolres Metro Depok, Kombes Pol Arya Perdana in his official statement said, that his party had held an audience with UI.

“What we are saying is that first, this incident has taken approximately 9 years. Of course we are not carrying out an investigation from the start, because there were already investigative actions carried out at the beginning. We just have to continue,” said the Kapolres Arya a few days ago.

He explained, that this case had not been revealed because the initial investigation process into the late Akseyna wasn’t perfect. Because of this, currently the Polres Metro Depok is trying to improve it by collaborating with experts from UI to correct the ongoing investigation.

“In the process, of course the investigation carried out initially was not perfect. That’s why it still hasn’t been revealed,” Kapolres Arya said.

“That’s why we are trying to perfect it by correcting the previous investigation to the current situation. We are also using experts from UI who we will bring in to add input for us to uncover the case of the late Akseyna,” he added. (Bembo)

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