Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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According to Polri Records, the National Crime Rate Fell by 20.28 Percent in One Day, JAKARTA – Within a day, the Polri recorded that the national crime rate had decreased by 20,28 percent. The duration of the decline in the crime rate started from Saturday, (20/4) to Sunday, (21/4).

This explanation was conveyed openly by Karo Penmas Polri, Brigjen Pol Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko to journalists at Polri Headquarters, Monday, (22/4).

He further said, that in general the trend of public security and order disturbances had decreased by 313 cases or 20,84%. On Saturday, April 20 2024, 1,502 crime cases occurred. Meanwhile, on Sunday, April 21 2024, only 1,189 crime cases occurred.

As for the type of crime that was most frequently prosecuted, Brigjen Pol Trunoyudo said, it was theft with aggravation (curat) with 95 cases. Then, narcotics became the second most frequently prosecuted crime with 66 cases.

Next is the crime of motor vehicle theft (curanmor) with 26 cases. Then gambling was prosecuted in four cases and finally theft with violence (curas) in 13 cases.

“Meanwhile, regarding traffic accidents, on Sunday, April 21 there were 402 incidents. It decreased by 107 cases or 21,02 percent when compared with data from Saturday, April 20, which reached 509 accident cases,” said Karo Penmas Polri, Brigjen Pol Trunoyudo, completing his explanation. (Bembo)

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