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Acting at 12 Crime Scenes, the Cellphone Snatching Gang was Finally Arrested by the Polsektro Menteng

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – The Opsnal Team of the Polsek Metro Menteng Metro Criminal Investigation Unit succeeded in defeating a cellphone (HP) snatching gang which had been operating at 12 crime scenes from the Menteng area to Gambir, Jakarta Pusat. Four of the five perpetrators were arrested last Thursday, (16/5).

Kapolsek Metro Menteng, Kompol Bayu Marfiando in his official statement during a press conference at the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Headquarters, Monday, (27/5) said, that this case was revealed after one of the victims made a police report (LP) losing his iPhone 15 to the Polsek Metro Menteng.

“After we carried out an investigation, we finally found the perpetrator one week later after we got the data,” said Kapolsek Bayu.

He explained, that the four perpetrators who were arrested were Roni Febri alias Buyung (30), Muhammad Ihsan Amrullah (31), Imam Santoso (31), and Dedi Jansah alias Endi (34). Meanwhile, another suspect named Anies is on the wanted list (DPO) and is being chased.

Roni, Kapolsek Bayu continued, played the role of the perpetrator of the mugging. Then the cellphone that was snatched was sold to Ihsan who owns a cell phone counter with the help of Imam and Dedi.

“We got the lost cellphone from the perpetrator (Ihsan) who has a cellphone counter,” he said again.

The perpetrators were successfully arrested when they were about to act again. Their activities were discovered after the police were able to track down one of the perpetrators using the victim’s confession and CCTV footage.

“Investigators checked the crime scene by looking for witnesses and CCTV footage. Using the CCTV footage, the perpetrator (Roni) was seen taking the cellphone from the victim’s hand with the characteristics of using a motorbike and wearing a checkered shirt,” explained Kapolsek Bayu.

“We arrested him on May 16 when he will return to action again,” he added.

From the arrest of this gang, three stolen cellphones and a number of other pieces of evidence were confiscated. Apart from pursuing one more DPO, the Polsek Metro Menteng are also still carrying out developments regarding the possibility that the five perpetrators may also be part of a larger gang network. (Bembo)

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