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Actualizing Kapolda Metro Direction, Polresta Soetta Airport Presents Mobile SIM Service, TANGERANG – Polresta Soekarno – Hatta (Soetta) Airport actualized the direction of the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto to further intensify services and communication interactions with the community. This form of actualization is packaged by providing mobile SIM renewal services.

This activity was carried out at the Polresta Soetta Airport Field, Tangerang on Wednesday, (29/5), and was attended by more than one hundred state civil servants (ASN) from government agencies and employees in the Soetta Airport area.

Wakapolresta of Soetta Airport, AKBP Ronald Sipayung in his official statement at the service location explained, that the activities held by his party were a realization of the community’s aspirations expressed during the Friday Confide and Sunday Love activities.

This mobile SIM renewal service, he continued, targets all ASN who work in government offices and all company employees and the community in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport area.

“We also provide socialization in all terminals for airplane passengers who still have time to come here to extend their driver’s license. We have provided the facilities,” he explained, accompanied by Head of Polresta Soetta Airport  Traffic Unit, Kompol Bernard Bachtera Saragih on the sidelines of the activity.

He added, that for today’s implementation, 500 driver’s license forms had been prepared. But don’t worry. If public interest seems high enough, his party will confirm that they will provide another mobile SIM service at the Polresta Soetta Airport Station.

This activity, said AKBP Ronald, is actually one part of the transformation of public services at the Polresta Soetta Airport to make it easier for the public to process the renewal of their driver’s license.

The party also provides capable service personnel, starting from registration, health checks, to psychological examinations.

“Everyone is used to it so we can provide the process more quickly. The community also feels well served and satisfied,” he said again.

Separately, Kapolresta Soetta Airport, Police Kombes Pol Roberto Pasaribu said, that his party really hopes that the innovation in police services provided can really be felt by the people at Soetta Airport.

“Let’s make Soetta Airport a safe, comfortable and peaceful shared home. We also work together to maintain a conducive social security and order atmosphere at Soetta Airport,” he said.

Arman Hidayat, one of the ASN who took part in this activity expressed his appreciation to the Polresta Soetta Airport. He admitted that the mobile SIM service provided was very beneficial.

“Thank you to the Polresta Soetta Airport,” he said while showing the vehicle’s driver’s license which had been extended for this activity.

Iwan, an employee of one of the expedition companies at Soetta Airport also expressed the same appreciation. He hopes that in the future this mobile SIM service can continue to be provided because it is very helpful. The reason, he said, is that all this time he and his colleagues have had to come to the Daan Mogot SIM Satpas, Jakarta Barat to take care of the SIM extension.

“Thank you to the Polresta Soetta Airport. We hope that the Polri will be more precise and will be loved by the public,” he said happily while showing his new driver’s license which had been extended. (Bembo)

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