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After Being Battered and Beaten by a Mob, the Motorbike Thief Video Calls His Mother, JAKARTA – A man who wanted to steal a battered motorbike was beaten by a mob in the Jalan Batu Grow IV area, Tugu Selatan, Koja, Jakarta Utara, Monday, (6/5) yesterday. In a battered condition, the man with the initials MS (44), was asked by the crowd to contact his mother via video call.

In the video and narrative uploaded to the Instagram account, with a battered face, MS was given the opportunity to contact his mother. MS then made a video call in the midst of the gathered crowd.

“The perpetrator of the crime in Koja video called his mother before being given a sporting greeting by the residents of Jakarta Utara,” reads the narrative on the Instagram account

Furthermore, in the video MS is seen talking to his mother in front of the gathered residents. Residents were also heard answering MS’s questions, who tried to explain his condition to the mother.

“Which area is this, Bro?” MS said asking the residents.

“Semper,” answered the resident.

“Here in Semper, Mak,” said MS to his mother who was connected on a video call.

“Look, the residents have gathered, Mak,” said MS again.

“Don’t hit anyone. Don’t hit anyone,” shouted residents, urging the crowd not to take the law into their own hands.

Meanwhile, Kanit Reskrim for the Polsek Koja, AKP Alex Chandra in his statement said, that the perpetrator MS is currently being detained at the Polsek Koja. Meanwhile, the incident itself began when a motorbike belonging to a resident named Oki was parked locked in an alley near his house.

“At 17.30 WIB the victim parked his motorbike at the edge of the front alley, in front of the house, with the handlebars locked and the ignition slot locked,” said AKP Alex to reporters, Tuesday, (7/5).

Next, continuing with AKP Alex, Oki hung out with his friends and went home at 20.30 WIB. That’s when Oki saw MS, H alias P, and D with suspicious behavior.

Seeing three suspicious foreign men, Oki and the witnesses immediately reacted to arrest the perpetrators who were suspected of stealing his motorbike.

“But one perpetrator, namely MS, was successfully arrested and was arrested by the mob. The other two perpetrators managed to escape,” explained AKP Alex. (Bembo)

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