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After the Regional Patrol, the Kapolres Metro Jakut Went on Dialogic Patrol to the Satkamling Post in Koja

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan conducted a dialogue patrol by visiting the Satkamling (Environmental Security Unit) Post at RW 07, Rawa Badak Utara, Koja, Thursday, (6/6) evening.

The arrival of Kapolres Gidion and his entourage was warmly welcomed by the residents of RW 07 and Pokdar Kamtibmas who guard and patrol every night.

Receiving a warm welcome from the residents, Kapolres Gidion also expressed his appreciation and gave a thumbs up for the presence of security officers at the Satkamling Post.

“The spirit at the Kamling Post is still alive. The presence of residents and officers on guard is a form of concern for the security of the environment,” said Kapolres Gidion.

He stated, that every citizen dreams of a safe and peaceful life. For this reason, awareness needs to be built starting from the smallest things.

“Everyone dreams of that. “Then start every gang having night patrols,” he ordered.

Kapolres Gidion also hopes that concern for environmental security in RW 07 Koja can continue to be maintained and shared with residents in other areas.

“Let’s maintain this spirit and share it with the people around us for the sake of a more orderly, safe and peaceful Jakarta Utara,” he said again.

Before carrying out a dialogue patrol at the Satkamling Post, Kapolres Gidion and his members first carried out a patrol in the Koja area on motorbikes. He wanted to see it directly and ensure that the security and order conditions in the area were truly safe and conducive. (Bembo)

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