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BerandaHukum & KriminalAllegedly Leaked First, Polrestro Jaktim Without Results Raid Ciracas Boker Gambling

Allegedly Leaked First, Polrestro Jaktim Without Results Raid Ciracas Boker Gambling, JAKARTA – Efforts to take firm action by the joint team of the Resmob Unit and Jatanras Satreskrim of the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur to the Boker Gambling Complex in the Ciracas area, Jakarta Timur, are suspected to have leaked. The raid attempts were unsuccessful.

The raid operation was led by the Kasat Resmob, AKP Sutrisno at Boker Complex, Jalan Masjid RT 02/01 Ciracas, Jakarta Timur on Friday, (29/3) evening only found cartons of drinking water, tables and chairs and lights that had gone out.

Even so, the police who arrived at the location had identified a number of residents around the location to reveal the owner or bookie of the gambling stall.

“That same night the Joint Team combed the area around the location. However, the gambling perpetrators were in a hurry to run away because around the crime scene stall there were many alleys or roads that could go anywhere,” said Kasat Reskrim Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, AKBP Armunanto Hutahean when confirmed media crew.

However, he continued, based on the results of interrogation of several witnesses at the location, his party had been able to identify the perpetrators, including the bookie, and they were being hunted.

The Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Joint Team has now installed a police line at the location suspected of being the gambling stall.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly when confirmed by journalists, admitted the raid operation may have been leaked beforehand.

“It’s possible it has leaked,” he said.

Specifically, Kapolres Nicolas has no prejudice against any of his members being naughty in leaking information. However, he will still carry out an analysis of the alleged leak of the operation.

“We need to re-analyze and re-evaluate the appropriate way to act in carrying out police activities,” he said.

Going deeper, Kapolres Nicolas also promised to firmly eradicate social ills in his jurisdiction. Regarding the perpetrators and bookies who were not caught during the raid, Kapolres Nicolas confirmed that they would hunt them down until they were caught. (Bembo)

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