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Because of Jealousy, Husband Burns Wife in Cipondoh

progresifjaya.id, TANGERANG – A man with the initials S (40) in Cipondoh, Tangerang City, had the heart to burn alive his wife with the initials SR (22). This action was carried out because of jealousy.

S, whose eyes were dark, poured gasoline on his wife’s body and immediately set her on fire. The SR victim suffered burns to 27 percent, including on the face, hair and hands.

Kapolsek Cipondoh, Kompol Evarmon in his statement said, that currently S has been detained by the Polsek Cipondoh.

“The initial information received by the police was that there was miscommunication and jealousy between the two of them,” said Kapolsek Evarmon, Monday, (1/7).

Meanwhile, the victim’s older brother, who is also the perpetrator’s brother-in-law, Sidik, in his statement said that the arson incident occurred on Sunday, (30/6) at 21.00 WIB. He explained, that the problem occurred because the victim came home late when the perpetrator asked him to photocopy the job application file.

“I know that when his wife came home, my brother-in-law (S) was at the top of his rented house. Suddenly, when his wife wanted to go up, he was immediately dragged and poured with petrol,” said Sidik in his statement to investigators, Monday, (1/7).

He said the relationship between the two was not harmonious and was often noisy. During the incident, the victim screamed when the perpetrator poured petrol on him.

Sidik and several local residents tried to resolve the dispute between the two when the victim was doused in petrol. But unfortunately, the perpetrator actually started a fire and burned the victim.

“When gasoline was poured from above his head, his wife screamed. I came out, i tried to calm her down so she wouldn’t make a fuss and get emotional. But suddenly my brother-in-law took out a match. I couldn’t hold it back. Like a crazy person, he went crazy, then immediately set fire to his wife,” Sidik explained.

Seeing this, he and local residents tried to extinguish the fire that was burning the victim. The victim himself was burned from his face to his hair.

“If i don’t hurry, the residents and i will extinguish it, we don’t know if we will survive or not. It seems like we have already prepared petrol. I don’t have any suspicions that this will happen,” said Sidik again. (Bembo)

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