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Because of Recording His Son Having Sex and Ordering Him to Have an Abortion, the Mother is in Trouble With the Police, JAKARTA – Because of recording his son RH, who is still 16 years old, having sex with his girlfriend, NKD (46) now has to deal with it at the police station.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly in his official statement explained, that this incident began in November 2023. At that time, NKD recorded his son, RH, having sex with his girlfriend at a boarding house in the Bekasi area.

“The biological parents recorded the sexual intercourse between their daughter and her boyfriend at the boarding house and in the end the daughter became pregnant,” said Kapolres Nicolas, Monday, (20/5) yesterday.

When they found out that their child was pregnant, continued Kapolres Nicolas, NKD asked their child to abort the pregnancy so they could continue attending school. He also fed his child young pineapple and green coconut water. But apparently the effort was unsuccessful.

Then around April 2024, NKD met another suspect, namely a woman with the initials N (55). NKD then asked N for help to abort the baby her child was carrying.

He then handed over Rp2 million to N to buy abortion medication.

“Madam N asked for help from another suspect to buy abortion medicine, which she bought at Pramuka Market,” said Kapolres Nicolas.

Even so, even though the medicine had been bought and fed to RH, the fetus still survived. Long story short, RH finally gave birth prematurely in the bathroom of her house in the Pondok Kelapa area, Jakarta Timur. The baby boy was taken to the Community Health Center but his life could not be saved.

“Because RH is still a minor, she is being held at the Cipayung Handayani Foundation, while her boyfriend is being handled by the Polres Metro Bekasi City because the TKP [crime scene] where they had sexual intercourse is in the Bekasi jurisdiction,” said Kapolres Nicolas.

Meanwhile for NKD and N, Kapolres Nicolas continued, it is suspected that Article 76 C in conjunction with Article 80 and/or 77 A and/or Article 76 B in conjunction with Article 77 B of Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning amendments to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection and/or Article 346 Criminal Code and/or Article 531 of the Criminal Code. Both are threatened with a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. (Bembo)

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