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Bhayangkara’s 78th Anniversary, Koramil 04 Kebayoran Lama Gives Tumpeng Surprise to Polsek Pesanggrahan

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Polsek Pesanggrahan received a surprise visit from the ranks of Koramil 04 Kebayoran Lama/Pesanggrahan on Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary, Monday, (1/7). They came bringing tumpeng rice.

Their arrival was immediately warmly welcomed by the Kapolsek Pesanggrahan, Kompol Dr. Tejo Asmoro and his staff.

In this happy moment, KapolsekTejo Asmoro expressed his pride and gratitude for the attention given by the ranks of Koramil 04 Kebayoran Lama in commemorating Bhayangkara Day. According to him, the synergy between the TNI and Polri, which has been going well so far, can continue to be improved to create safe and conducive kamtibmas.

“This visit shows that the Pesanggrahan Police are always in synergy and harmony with elements of the TNI to provide a sense of security to the people of Jakarta Selatan, especially in the Pesanggrahan District area,” said Kapolsek Tejo.

Meanwhile, Serma Miftah as the Koramil, while giving the tumpeng, also directly wished the Kapolsek Tejo  and his staff a happy 78th Bhayangkara Day.

He also expressed the hope that the TNI-Polri partnership in maintaining kamtibmas in the Pesanggrahan District area could be further improved. He also hopes that the Polri can fulfill the community’s expectations as protectors, protectors and public servants. (Bembo)

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