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Brilliant, Dialogic Approach of the Polda Metro 3P Team Able to Stop Brawls and Illegal Racing, JAKARTA – The choice of action taken by the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya during city patrol and monitoring on Saturday, (8/6) in the morning deserves a thumbs up.

Why not. While carrying out patrol laps, 2 groups of teenagers who wanted to speed or race wildly and who wanted to brawl were found in two different locations. But by the 3P Team, these two behaviors can be completely stopped with humanist actions in the form of dialogic patrols.

The story of this whole story started with the starting grid show of force patrol of the Polda Metro Jaya Team 3P on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat at 00.45 WIB.

Next, the 3P Team patrol led by Ipda Moch Januar Fauzy R and Ipda Gandi Rezeki Sinaga entered the Jakarta Timur area at around 01.00 WIB. Not long after, a suspicious young man was seen on Jalan Hankam Raya. However, when approached and examined, no dangerous objects such as sharp weapons were found from the young man. He was then advised not to wander out in the middle of the night and asked to go home immediately.

At 01.20 WIB, when the 3P Team’s patrol laps entered Jalan Taman Mini,  Jakarta Timur, a group of teenagers were caught red-handed preparing for speeding or wild racing. They were immediately approached and their movements were blocked so they did not run away. A vehicle inspection and search was carried out. It turned out to be safe and no violations were found.

They were then invited to have a fun dialogue by the 3P Team regarding potential legal violations that could arise if they speeded up. After everyone understood and promised not to do it again, they were asked to disperse and return to their respective homes.

As dawn approached at around 04.30 WIB, the 3P Team’s patrol laps recorded a group of teenagers about to brawl on Industrial Area Road, Jakarta Timur. Quick action was immediately carried out by approaching and hindering their movements. Nothing escapes inspection and search.

But the monitoring results apparently proved that no criminal violations were found. All these teenagers were then gathered and given advice and social security messages. Avoid brawls and be a good teenager who thinks positively in this dialogue message. After they understood and vowed never to fight again, the teenagers were disbanded and told to go home. (Bembo)

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