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Call to Create Conditions, 4 Jakarta Timur Pillars Simultaneously Patrol the Area Saturday Night, JAKARTA – Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly led the Condition Creation Call (Cipkon) in Duren Sawit District, Jakarta Timur, Saturday, (11/5) last night. This rally was attended by a combination of 4 pillars consisting of the Polri, TNI, East Jakarta City Government and elements of society.

In his direction at the rally, Kapolres Nicolas said, that there were 400 combined personnel from the TNI, Polri, Jakarta Timur City Government, Satpol PP, Siskommas, Kopaka, Pokdarkamtibmas, FKDM, youth organizations and other community organizations involved in this activity. All joint personnel will simultaneously carry out regional patrols at night to maintain the stability and security conduciveness of the Jakarta Timur region.

“The joint personnel involved in this activity will be divided into 3 Rayon, namely North Rayon covering Cakung, Pulogadung, Duren Sawit, Central Rayon covering Matraman, Makasar, Jatinegara, Cipayung and South Rayon covering Pasar Rebo, Ciracas, Kramat Jati. All of them will work simultaneously to carry out regional patrol,” explained Kapolres Nicolas.

He also reminded that all personnel on duty must use a body system and coordinate in stages. Health must also be maintained in order to carry out tasks well.

“Keep working on your body system. Don’t underestimate the situation in the field and always take care of your colleagues’ health,” said Kapolres Nicolas.

He also further said, that security and order are not the absolute duties of the Polri alone. Rather, it is the responsibility of everyone, including community groups determined to serve the community to create a conducive social security and order situation.

“Let’s join hands together to maintain safe security and social order in Jakarta Timur,” he said. (Bembo)

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