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BerandaHukum & KriminalCase of 45 Sabu in Fatmawati Hospital Parking, Police Chase 2 DPOs,...

Case of 45 Sabu in Fatmawati Hospital Parking, Police Chase 2 DPOs, Owners and Orderers of Sabu, JAKARTA – Sub-Directorate Team 1 of the Narcotics Directorate of the Polda Metro Jaya is currently pursuing 2 suspected perpetrators of the 45 kg crystal methamphetamine (sabu) case in the parking area of Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta Selatan. The two alleged perpetrators being chased are the owner and orderer of the methamphetamine.

Dirresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Donald Parluangan Simanjuntak in his official statement said, that after successfully arresting the courier of 45 kg of sabu with the initials AS (22), his party is now investigating and investigating the perpetrator who put 45 kg of sabu in the car and the perpetrator who ordered the methamphetamine. As is known, the AS plans to deliver the sabu to the Bintaro area, Tangerang Selatan.

“There are 2 suspected perpetrators who are now on the DPO (wanted list). The one who owns the goods and the one who ordered the goods. We arrested the perpetrators of the buying and selling intermediaries or couriers yesterday,” said Kombes Pol Donald Parluangan to journalists, Friday, (5 /7).

As is known, in the disclosure of this case, the tricky fact was also found that the perpetrator carried out this transaction by leaving the car in the hospital parking lot. The entrusted car was then filled with sabu and then taken by the courier to the order’s destination address.

Kombes Pol Donald Parluangan said, that there was a suspected perpetrator who brought a car containing 45 kg of sabu and parked it in the Fatmawati Hospital parking lot.

Then the AS came to take the car out of the hospital and take it to the delivery address in the Bintaro area, Tangerang Selatan. However, before the car had been taken out of the hospital, AS was quickly arrested. Unlucky to him. (Bembo)

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