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Container Truck Accidents in Penjaringan, The Container Hits a Hyundai Car Ruining It, JAKARTA – A container truck had an accident on Jalan Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara. The container he was carrying rolled over onto the Hyundai car, crushing it and pinning the driver.

Luckily the car driver was able to be saved even though he was injured.

This accident incident also went viral on social media. Judging from the video circulating, the two vehicles involved in the accident were damaged. The truck cabin also looks like it has been lifted up.

Meanwhile, the container load carried by the truck rolled over and hit the Hyundai car, destroying it. In the video, the Hyundai driver can also be seen in a trapped condition and trying to ask residents for help.

Polres Metro Jakarta Utara Traffic Head, Kompol Edy Purwanto in his official statement said, that the accident occurred on Thursday, (13/6) at 11.00 WIB. There were three vehicles involved in the accident. The trigger was because the container truck driven by ES lost power while driving from south to north, precisely on the Kamal Muara incline.

“While driving, the vehicle lost power to climb, so the trailer reversed and hit the Mitsubishi Triton F-8739-MA driven by APH,” said Kompol Edy, Thursday, (13/6).

The APH driver was able to avoid it at that time. However, the truck continued to hit the Hyundai car driven by man D until it was crushed by a container.

“The trailer vehicle hit and hit the Hyundai minibus behind it,” Kompol Edy said.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities in this accident. The driver of the Hyundai car was only injured. But three vehicles involved in the accident were damaged. (Bembo)

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