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Cooling System to Jatipulo, Dirbinmas Polda Metro Asks Residents to Play a More Active Role in Siskamling, JAKARTA – Dirbinmas Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Badya Wijaya is one of several implementing officers leading Polda Metro Jaya who is intensively taking a cooling system approach to the community. Most recently, efforts to cool the system were carried out by Kombes Pol Badya at the RW 09 Satkamling Poskamling, Jatipulo, Palmerah, Jakarta Barat, Tuesday, (7/5) last night.

As usual, in this cooling system approach as well as friendship, Kombes Pol Badya gave several directions and appeals to the residents of Jatipulo to always maintain and maintain the condition of Kamtibmas in their environment.

He also invited Jatipulo residents to make Poskamling more proactive in order to maintain a conducive, safe and cool situation ahead of the inauguration of the President-elect.

Apart from that, residents are also asked to play a more active role in Siskamling activities so that security disturbances and the potential for motor vehicle theft can be reduced.

Not to forget, there was also an appeal for residents to give special and serious attention to their sons and daughters, starting from the family environment. Don’t let your sons and daughters get involved in brawls and drug abuse. Another thing is that citizens are also asked to be wise when surfing social media and not be easily provoked by hoax news whose data and sources are incompetent.

Ending this activity, Kombes Pol Badya handed over flashlights and basic necessities as a form of attention from the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto to the resident representatives.

Also accompanying Kombes Pol Badya in this gathering was the Head of Korwas Polsus, AKP Kuwat, and the Head of Binmas Unit for Polres Metro Jakarta Barat, Kompol Agung Nugroho and the Head of Jatipulo Village, Saqwan Gusti. (Bembo)

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