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Coz of Not Paying His Debt, a Man Was Confined and Tortured for 3 Months in Duren Sawit, JAKARTA – Due to problems with debts and receivables, a man with the initials MRRP (23), was held captive for 3 months in a cafe in Duren Sawit. Jakarta Timur and became victims of torture by dozens of people. The torture carried out was also quite scary, starting from having 3 kg LPG gas thrown at the head, handcuffed, tied, stripped naked, beaten, burned with cigarettes at various points on the body, whipped with a hose, thrown into a rubbish bin, put chili powder in the genitals, and even made to eat rocks. gravel and cigarette butts. It’s really a horror and scary way of bullying.

Currently MRRP is free from confinement and torture. Meanwhile, the case is being handled by the Sat Reskrim Polres Metro Jakarta Timur  and is being investigated based on the victim’s police report (LP).

Kabid Humad of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi in his statement said, that the beginning of this case was that the victim reporting MRRP owed money to H around October 2023. Because the victim could not return the money he borrowed, the victim was finally held captive and unable to leave the place since place from February 19 to May 30 2024 and tortured in various ways.

“So this incident of confinement and torture was a result of the reporting victim being unable to return the money he borrowed from Brother H. In the end, vigilante action took place,” said Kombes Pol Ade Ary, Tuesday, (9/7) yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Kasat Reskrim for the Polres Metro Jakarta Tinur, AKBP Armunanto Hutahaean,
in his statement said, that currently his party is still investigating and investigating the case. A number of witnesses related to this case have been examined.

“Currently the case is in the investigation stage. We are still investigating the case by examining a number of witnesses,” said AKBP Armunanto.

“Later we will report further on the progress of the investigation into this case,” he added. (Bembo)

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