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Dirresnarkoba of Polda Metro: Even Hiding in an Ant Hole, PCC Narcotics Factory Controller Will Be Arrested, JAKARTA – After the discovery of the practice of home factories for narcotics types PCC (Paracetamol, Cafein, Carisoprodol) to hexymer in the Citeureup area, Bogor Regency which detained a suspect with the initials MH, now Sub-Directorate 3 of the Ditresnarkoba of the Polda Metro Jaya is pursuing a man with the initials S who is known as the ‘boss’ the controller.

Dirresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Hengki in his statement emphasized, that wherever S goes and hides, he will definitely be found out and arrested. Even if you hide in an ant hole.

“There has been a person wanted list (DPO) with the initials S. He is already a DPO. We will chase him down to the ant hole and we will still catch him,” he stressed, Tuesday, (21/5).

He explained, that the fugitive with the initials S played a role in ordering suspect MH to accompany and send evidence of narcotics.

“Everything the suspect MH did was under S’s orders. It’s just a matter of time. Soon we will be able to arrest S at the place where he escaped,” he stressed again.

He also explained, that the home factory controlled by S was deliberately camouflaged as a workshop to eliminate suspicion.

To the local RT, S admitted that he was going to set up a workshop when the narcotics-making machines arrived and were about to be put into the house.

S also installed sound dampeners on the factory walls so that the narcotics production process does not produce noise that could disturb local residents. Wew. (Bembo)

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