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Disappointed at Being Asked to Pay More, the Perpetrator was Determined to Seize the Open BO Woman at the Kemayoran Apartment, JAKARTA – Disappointment because the victim asked for more money was the motivation for Adi (34) to be reckless in holding RJ (19), an ‘open BO’ woman in a 30th floor apartment, room 30 CA in the Kemayoran area, Jakarta Pusat. In this detention, Adi, who was assisted by his colleague, Christ (29), stole the victim’s iPhone 13 and Rp246.000 in cash.

Wakapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, AKBP Anton Elfrino Trisanto in his official statement said, that the two perpetrators had planned carefully to confine and leave the victim with his mouth taped and his hands tied with rope.

This detention was based on the results of the examination, said Wakapolres Anton, based on the perpetrator Adi’s disappointment because the victim asked for more payment. At that time, the perpetrator Adi and the victim agreed to have a relationship for a fee of Rp400.000. However, when the relationship was over, the victim asked for an additional payment of Rp100.000. This is what disappointed Adi.

Some time later, the perpetrator Adi again ordered the victim’s services. However, this time he invited his friend, Christ (29), so that his action of confining and stealing the victim’s belongings went smoothly.

“They prepared rope and duct tape equipment. The two perpetrators then ordered the victim as they once knew each other,” said Wakapolres Anton, Monday, (20/5).

“So the perpetrator’s first intention was to steal. Because he was disappointed, he took revenge and then stole. He intended to steal his cell phone and money by duct taping and tying the victim. Then they took the goods and the money, ran away from the location. Well, the victim apparently managed to remove the duct tape and screamed ,” he added again.

The perpetrator, Adi (34), was successfully arrested in the lobby of the apartment where the crime occurred. Meanwhile, the perpetrator, Christ (29), was arrested at Gambir Station when he wanted to escape.

Both of them have now been detained and charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code and Article 170 of the Criminal Code. They face a maximum criminal penalty of 9 years in prison. (Bembo)

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