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BerandaHukum & KriminalDitlantas Polda Metro will Trial Closure of JLNT Casablanca

Ditlantas Polda Metro will Trial Closure of JLNT Casablanca, JAKARTA – From 1 – 15 April 2024, the Ditlantas of Polda Metro Jaya together with the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) will conduct a trial closure of the Non-Toll Flyover or JLNT Casablanca from 21.00 WIB to 4.00 WIB.

The closure of JLNT Casablanca was carried out so that the flyover was not used as a location for illegal racing.

Dirlantas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Latif Usman in his official statement said, that the closure of JLNT Casablanca was the latest effort to keep the flyover clean.

“We’ve locked it, there’s someone guarding it too. We already have the key. If we guard it every day, it’s not effective. If we lock it, it’s based on the principle of benefit,” said Kombes Pol Latif, last Friday, (29/3).

The policy to close JLNT Casablanca was taken based on an evaluation from the Traffic Ditlantas of Polda Metro Jaya. The evaluation results show that after nine o’clock in the evening, the flow from west to east and vice versa has been sloping. So, the lower route of JLNT Casablanca can be used as an alternative route

The alternative route for vehicles from the west (Tanah Abang) or from the east (Casablanca) is Jalan Prof Dr Satrio.

Furthermore, Kombes Pol Latif also appealed to road users to adjust the established traffic arrangements, obey traffic signs, follow the instructions of officers in the field, and always prioritize road safety. (Bembo)

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