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Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Develops YouTube ‘Like’ Press Fraud Case, Main Suspect is in Cambodia

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya uncovered a fraud case involving a new method of pressing ‘Like’ on YouTube videos. Currently only 2 suspects have been arrested. Case development continues so that the main suspect in this fraud can be arrested.

Dirreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Safri Simanjuntak in his official statement said, that currently only 2 suspects have been identified in this case. They are a man with the initials EO (47) and a woman with the initials SM (29).

These two suspects, said Kombes Pol Ade Safri, had no direct contact with the victim. Their job is to find a holding account by looking for a new account to hold the proceeds of crime.

“So, this fraud syndicate with the work mode of pressing ‘like’ videos on YouTube also carries out the practice of buying and selling bank accounts. They use other people’s data and then open bank accounts to accommodate the proceeds of their crimes,” explained Kombes Pol Ade Safri, Saturday, (29/ 6) yesterday.

“Accounts were opened not using data from fraud victims. But data on the owner or account opener who was sought by the suspect SM,” he added.

The way these two suspects worked, continued Kombes Pol Ade Safri, was targeting low-income people so that their data could be used to create accounts. Their work is carried out door to door with the lure of giving hundreds of thousands in cash so that the data of the person they are lured to can be used to open an account.

“Suspects EO and SM lured prospective account creators with money ranging from Rp300.000 to Rp500.000 per account. Because they were targeting lower class economic people, it was easy for them to get data,” said Kombes Pol Ade Safri.

In terms of role, said Kombes Pol Ade Safri, suspect EO worked to order suspect SM to look for accounts, both from government and private banks. He then made a profit of Rp1,5 million per account. Meanwhile, suspect SM, whose role was to find people to create accounts and hand them over to suspect EO, received a profit of Rp500.000 per account. Apart from that, the suspect EO was also tasked with finding a new cellphone to send to Cambodia along with a holding account.

Based on the results of the examination and investigation, this fraud by pressing ‘like’ videos on YouTube is known to be controlled by an Indonesian citizen with the initials D as the main suspect and is located in Cambodia. To investigators, the two suspects who were arrested admitted that they had sent 15 accounts containing crime money to D in Cambodia.

By D, all accounts were asked to be sent physically via expedition. The aim is to make it easier for him to carry out transactions with the proceeds of crime.

“By using an expedition delivery service, D requested that his account book and ATM be sent along with his cellphone number registered with m-banking to make it easier for him to carry out transactions, whether transfers or withdrawing money. Other people cannot use it because he is physically under control. D himself will be chase in Cambodia,” said Kombes Pol Ade Safri again.

Meanwhile, regarding how this fraudulent syndicate works, Kombes Pol Ade Safri said, that this syndicate offers easy and interesting part-time work. Just play with your finger by pressing ‘like’ on a YouTube video with the promise of a commission of Rp31.000 for every time you press like.

“After being offered this fraudulent job, the reporter was then sent a Telegram link via WhatsApp and asked to pay a deposit first before he could click like. Eh, it was a waste of time to make a profit, the victim actually lost, some even amounting to more than Rp800 million,” said Kombes Pol Ade. Safri emphasized. (Bembo)

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