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Ditresnarkoba Polda Metro Breaks Chain of Sabu Distribution in Fatmawati Hospital Parking

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Sub-Directorate 1 of the Ditresnarkoba Polda Metro Jaya led by AKBP Bariu Bawana succeeded in breaking the chain of the chain of distribution of crystal methamphetamine (sabu) – type drugs in the parking area of Fatmawati Hospital, West Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan. A total of 45 kilograms of sabu which was stored in the car was recovered.

Dirresnarkoba Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Donald Parlaungan in his official statement explained, that the action to break this chain could be carried out thanks to information from the public who said there would be
drug transactions at a hospital in Jakarta Selatan.

Based on this information, Sub-Directorate Team 1 immediately moved to the location. Upon arrival at the location, a drug courier with the initials AS (22) was arrested.

“The team immediately studied the information obtained and carried out an investigation. At 9.30 WIB, the team monitored and monitored the area around the crime scene. A man with suspicious behavior in the car was also monitored,” explained Kombes Pol Donald Parlaungan to reporters, Thursday, (4/7 ) afternoon.

The man was finally approached and searched. And finally 45 packets of chinese tea containing sabu were found in a bag in the car.

“After checking the man with the initials AS, 45 packets of chinese tea were found in the car. When examined, it turned out to contain sabu. One packet weighs approximately 1 kilogram with an estimated price of around Rp45 billion,” said Kombes Pol Donald Parlaungan again.

During interrogation, AS himself admitted that he wanted to deliver the methamphetamine originating from Palembang to the Bintaro area, Tangerang Selatan. Based on this confession, Sub-Directorate Team 1 is currently carrying out a series of investigations.

“The information is still being investigated after the suspect and evidence were secured. The circulation from Palembang will be spread to Jakarta and its surroundings. This is also suspected to have come from one of the crime scenes in this area,” Kombes Pol Donald said.

The AS suspect is currently being held in the Polda Metro Jaya detention cell. He is still undergoing a series of examinations from investigators. (Bembo)

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