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Ensure the Return Flow of Travelers is Safe, Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur Checks Posyan and Pospam, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Timur is currently focusing on monitoring the movement of backflow from Java towards Jakarta.

A number of security posts (Pospam) and service posts (Posyan) in the Jakarta Timur area are being controlled and checked. This activity was led directly by the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly.

Several Pospam and Posyan that were checked and controlled yesterday, Monday, (15/4), by Kapolres Nicolas included Jatinegara Station and the Kampung Rambutan Bus Station.

“Today, i together with the Head of Ops and PJU Polres, directly inspected the condition of pospam and posyan and directly monitored the peak backflow situation,” said Kapolres Nicolas at the location.

He added, that the presence of Polri and TNI personnel as well as other related agencies such as the Transportation Agency, Satpol PP and also the Health Service at pospam and posyan could secure the implementation of Operation Ketupat Jaya 2024 until the end.

“The focus of the success, smoothness and success of Operation Ketupat Jaya 2024 is creating a sense of security and comfort for the community as a whole. And thank God, we have succeeded in doing that,” he said.

“During the peak of the return flow, travelers can take advantage of the facilities we provide at the posyan,” he added.

Furthermore, Kapolres Nicolas also reminded his members to always increase their vigilance and be ready to carry out their duties at pospam and posyan.

“Always be alert, alert and orderly in carrying out your duties. And remember to always provide the best service to residents returning home from home,” ordered Kapolres Nicolas. (Bembo)

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