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BerandaHukum & KriminalFake Police Ask for Thugs Rations to Drug Stores to be Secured...

Fake Police Ask for Thugs Rations to Drug Stores to be Secured by Polres Metro Jaktim Narcotics Unit, JAKARTA – A post from the Instagram account @warungjurnalis went viral because it uploaded information about fake police taking action to ask thugs (japrem) to go to drug and drink shops. The account also stated that the fake police had been arrested by real police.

“Fake police who often hang around in drug and drink shops were finally arrested by Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Narcotics Unit officers on Sunday morning, (19/05/2024) around Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur,” wrote the account post caption.

From the post, you can also see an initial photo of a man wearing an official uniform with the rank of Aiptu named Firmansyah in the car.

Then the fake policeman was also seen being arrested along with another man with handcuffs and a number of pieces of evidence.

Head of Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Narcotics Unit, Kompol Yudi Permadi,
in his statement explained, that the two people suspected of carrying out illegal levies (extortion) had been arrested by his party.

“Yes, it’s true that we have secured a position at the police station. There are two that have been secured,” he told reporters, Monday, (20/5).

He said, that of the two people arrested, only one was a fake police officer. Even so, both of them are still being detained to undergo further investigation. (Bembo)

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