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Five Generations of PWI Fully Support Iqbal Irsyad as Chairman of PWI Jaya, JAKARTA – Candidate for Chair of PWI Jaya (DKI Jakarta), Muhammad Iqbal Irsyad together with candidate for Chair of the Provincial Honorary Council (DKP), Berman Nainggolan Lumbanradja, Chair of the Winning Team, Dadang Rahmat and the entire successful team held a halal bihalal with dozens of supporters from across generations and various mass media.

This halal bihalal event was held at the Sari Rendang Restaurant on Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Tuesday, (16/4) afternoon.

On this occasion, Iqbal Irsyad expressed his gratitude for the presence and support of colleagues who have great commitment and enthusiasm to win in the PWI Jaya Chair Candidate competition on Thursday, April 25 2024.

“First, i would like to say sorry physically and mentally to all my colleagues who are present here. And i also thank you for your great support to help me in this competition. I hope that we will become more solid and stronger and continue to strive to get even greater support than what we have received today. And i hope that everyone will attend the election,” said Iqbal, who is also listed as Editor-in-Chief of, greeted by thunderous applause from his supporters.

“We compete to win. Because of that, on this occasion i would like to invite all my friends to continue moving and overseeing this election process until completion,” he continued.

Berman Nainggolan also conveyed the same thing. He asked that the current support continue to increase and become more solid until the next election process.

“We ask for your support and continue to move to win this competition,” he said.

Meanwhile, a senior journalist who is also the former Director of UKW, Prof. Dr, Rajab Ritonga, on this occasion also expressed his gratitude to Iqbal Irsyad who had invited him to attend this activity.

“Of course this is an honor for me. I was asked by brother Iqbal Irsyad whether he had been given the mandate as Chairman of PWI Jaya to help his an advisor. Hopefully we can make PWI Jaya even better together,” said Prof. Rajab Ritonga enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, the former Chairman of PWI Jaya for two periods 2004-2009 and 2009-2014, Kamsul Hasan on this occasion conveyed a message that the Chairman of PWI Jaya who will later be elected can maximize his role in caring for all its members. . This includes providing free Journalist Competency Tests (UKW) to all members and providing the best possible legal protection.

“I entrust it to the elected Chairman of PWI Jaya to provide the best attention to all its members. Even though it is difficult, we can provide free UKW to its members as best as possible and also pay attention to legal protection as appropriate. as best as possible,” recalled Kamsul Hasan.

For your information, the election for Candidates for Chair of PWI DKI Jakarta or PWI Jaya will be held on Thursday, April 25 2024. Two candidates, Iqbal Irsyad and Kesit B Handoyo are the two candidates who will compete. Meanwhile, Berman Nainggolan and Theo M Yusuf are the two candidates for Chair of the PWI Jaya Honorary Council. (Bembo)

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