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Fleeing to Seribu Islands, Fried Rice Slasher Arrested by Polsek Cilincing Criminal Investigation Unit, JAKARTA – For more than a week as a fugitive, the escape of MM alias Buncing (30) finally ended up on Kelapa Dua Island, Seribu Islands. The suspect who stabbed a fried rice seller with the initials AF (25) to death was arrested by the Polsek Cilincing Criminal Investigation Unit at his brother’s house in the Seribu Islands, on Wednesday, (17/4) morning yesterday.

In his statement, the Kapolsek Cilincing, Kompol Fernando Saharta Saragih

said, that while he was on the run the suspect hid in his family’s house. During this arrest, he continued, evidence was also confiscated from two machete-type sharp weapons (sajam) which the perpetrator used to hack the victim.

Kapolsek Fernando explained, that the stabbing incident occurred on Jalan Baru Cilincing RW 03, Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta, on Tuesday, (9/4) early last morning.

At that time, the AF victim, who worked as a fried rice seller, was waking local residents up for sahur.

“Just going along at first. So there was a group of children waking up for sahur, there were around 50 people. So, we followed around,” said Irfan, a relative of the victim at the Polsek Cilincing, Jakarta Utara, Tuesday, (9/4) afternoon, as imitated by the Kapolsek Fernando.

According to Irfan’s account, he continued, while they were waking up for sahur they ran into a group of people suspected of being a motorbike gang. The motorbike gang pumped the exhaust because they felt it was blocking the road.

“The person on the motorbike said something like this, eh, be careful, what are you doing in the middle of the road? Hey, what are you saying? Are you not happy? The one on the motorbike came back with a sharp weapon,” said Irfan again as said by Kapolsek Fernando.

While carrying sharp weapons, the motorbike gang continued to attack. Unfortunately, the AF victim, who at that time was just joining the group to wake up at dawn, became the target of a stabbing.

Victim AF suffered injuries to his shoulder. After slashing, the perpetrators immediately stepped on the gas and ran away. The AF victim was rushed to hospital. However, his life could not be saved due to loss of too much blood.

To be held accountable for his actions, the suspect MM alias Buncing was charged under Article 338 in conjunction with Article 351 paragraph 3 concerning Murder and Persecution that Causes People to Die. The maximum threat is 15 years in prison. (Bembo)

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