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BerandaHukum & Kriminal"Friday Confession" Relay to Two Ramadhan Command Posts, Kapolrestro Jakut Reminds Members...

“Friday Confession” Relay to Two Ramadhan Command Posts, Kapolrestro Jakut Reminds Members to Guard Rumsong, JAKARTA – A special “Friday Confide” humanist activity was carried out by Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan on Friday, (5/4) yesterday. Kapolres Gidion carried out this activity as a relay by visiting two Ramadhan Integrated Command Posts, namely the post at Lake Ring Papanggo and the post at Sungai Bambu.

In his instructions during the visit, Kapolres Gidion reminded all his members to always be alert to anticipate crimes targeting empty houses (Rumsong) whose occupants were leaving for Eid homecoming.

“Currently we have entered the Eid homecoming. I left a message to members to maintain security when they leave their homes and go home. Anticipate theft, both from vehicles and empty houses being left behind,” said Kapolres Gidion.

Furthermore, Kapolres Gidion also did not forget to thank the people who care and play an active role in maintaining security and social order.

“As the Kapolres, i would like to thank you, sir, and madam, because i feel helped by your participation in maintaining security and order,” he said again.

He also hopes that synergy with the management in Tanjung Priok District can continue to be maintained.

“I hope that this synergy will be maintained in order to create a conducive situation,” concluded Kapolres Gidion in his direction. (Bembo)

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