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Giving the Community a Feeling of Security When Coming Home from Work, Polsek Metro Tamansari Holds Strong Point, JAKARTA – Polsek Metro Tamansari held a strong point activity during work hours, Friday, (19/4) evening. This activity is part of the Polri’s efforts to monitor and prevent crimes such as theft, snatching and other street crimes in designated areas.

And for strong point activities led by the Head of the Kasubnit Reskrim Polsek Metro Tamansari, Iptu Sudrajat Djumantara, the designated work area is divided into 3 points, namely the Olimo traffic light on Jalan Gqjah Mada, the Harco Glodok Bridge on Jalan Hayam Wuruk and in front of the Roxy Pharmacy on Jalan Mangga Besar.

Kapolsek Metro Tamansari, Kompol Adhi Wananda in his official statement said, that his party chose the implementation time during after-work hours in areas considered prone to disturbances in security and public order (guantibmas).

“The time after work is prone to crime. The situation is busy and many people are tired from work so they are easily careless,” said Kapolsek Adhi Wananda, Saturday, (20/4)

He also hopes that the implementation of the Strong Point activity will be able to create a better security situation for people who carry out activities around the area. (Bembo)

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