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Having a Meaner More Cunning Brain, NA Gives Thumbs Up to FA After Killing His Uncle, JAKARTA – Even though he isn’t the main suspect in the murder case where the body was wrapped in a sarung and dumped in Pamulang, the soto seller with the initials NA (26), apparently has a cunning and more evil brain than FA (23) as the main suspect.

NA became the whisperer and provocateur for FA to kill AH (31), who incidentally was his own uncle. He also became a security guard when the FA ended AH’s life with a slash and a machete. When it was confirmed that AH had been killed, NA immediately gave the thumbs up to FA for the success of his heinous action.

“After the victim died, he was covered with a mattress on the floor. FA then met NA who was at the donut bakery, which is located opposite the cigarette shop (the scene of the crime),” said Head of Sub-Directorate for Resmob Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Titus Yudho Ully at a press conference at the Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya Building, Tuesday, (14/5).

“The FA told NA that ‘It has been done’. Then NA responded by raising his right thumb while smiling at the FA,” he added.

He continued, suspect FA then took AH’s body to the bathroom. He tried to remove traces of the crime by cleaning the victim’s blood on the machete and at the scene.

When the FA was trying to clean up the murder, NA approached and helped while guarding the victim’s shop. He is also the one who serves the buyers who come.

“The FA’s actions were known to NA. So NA observed the area around the incident location, with the intention that if a buyer came to the scene, NA would say the shopkeeper was out,” said AKBP Titus.

“Then NA went to the cigarette shop with the aim of helping FA who was cleaning the cigarette shop. After finishing cleaning the crime scene, FA asked N to help buy the shop’s necessities,” he added.

NA also took the initiative to buy jute sacks to make it easier for FA to dispose of the victim’s body.

According to AKBP Titus, all this was done by NA because he felt hurt by the victim. NA verbally confided in the FA and said, ‘If you feel unhappy with the treatment of your older cousin, you can just look for work elsewhere. And for your older cousin, just slash him. There’s a machete at the coconut stall’.

“However, the FA didn’t respond to this,” said AKBP Titus.

NA is known to have a personal grudge against AH. He doesn’t like AH because he wasn’t given a debt. That’s why his cunning brain then came into play and directed the FA to kill the victim.

It was successful, it was NA’s evil and cunning plan to influence and trick the FA into killing the victim. But his crimes and cunning only lasted a lifetime. Less than 24 hours after the incident, NA was immediately arrested by the police together with FA.

Both of them are now languishing in the Polda Metro Jaya detention cell. And by investigators, both of them were also subject to multiple articles, not just Article 338. They were charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary to Article 338 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 56 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 181 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 221 of the Criminal Code. The criminal threat is imprisonment for life or a certain period of time, or a maximum of 20 years. (Bembo)

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