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Having Disbanded Illegal Racing 2 Times, the Polda Metro 3P Team Can Prioritize a Dialogic Approach, JAKARTA – City patrol and monitoring by the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya on Friday, (7/6) early morning targeted the areas of  Jakarta Pusat and Jakarta Timur. In general, no firm action was taken by the patrol team. Monitoring patrols tended to take a more dialogical approach, even though at that time two speeding or illegal races were found in 2 locations.

The starting grid patrol of the Polda Metro Jaya 3P Team under the leadership of Ipda Desvento H Nainggolan carried out a show of force on Jalan Sudirman and Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat at around 00.52 WIB.

Arriving at 01.19 WIB, lapping monitoring in anticipation of brawls, illegal racing and acts of theft with weight (curat), theft with violence (curas), and motor vehicle theft (curanmor) took position on Jalan Benyamin Sueb, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. The situation was recorded as safe and under control in this area.

Entering at 02.39 WIB, the patrol movement arrived in the Jakarta Timur area. Lapping monitoring in anticipation of street crime is being carried out again on Jalan Rawamangun. Again, the safe, cool and fun situation recorded in this area.

Moving on to 02.47 WIB, the Polda Metro Jaya 3P Team patrol arrived at Jalan Raya Kalimalang.  Lapping monitoring to anticipate street crime was carried out again on several sides and the results were calm.

However, not all sides turned out to be calm and peaceful. Patrol movements at around 02.54 WIB in the Kalimalang area found a group of teenagers excitedly speeding or racing wildly. The patrol approached and showed force to check the vehicle and search the teenagers. No criminal evidence was obtained. A dialogical and humanist approach was also taken as a solution.

These teenagers were given advice and social security messages so that they would not repeat their actions again. After all the advice and messages were given, they were told to disband and go home.

When it was 03.15 WIB, the Polda Metro 3P Team’s lapping monitoring team again found a group of teenagers prancing around happily watching illegal racing. Patrols quickly approached and checked the vehicle and searched the teenagers. No further evidence was found leading to a crime from them.

Finally, these teenagers were invited to have fun and social dialogue. Public security advice and messages were given so that they would be aware not to do it again. After that, everyone was immediately told to leave the cage. The situation remains under control.

After dawn, the 3P Polda Metro Team also decided to return to the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya for a consolidation meeting. Happy ending. (Bembo)

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