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BerandaHukum & KriminalHigh Rain Intensity, Kapolda Metro Urges Motorists to Have Respect and Tolerance

High Rain Intensity, Kapolda Metro Urges Motorists to Have Respect and Tolerance, JAKARTA – Responding to the conditions of heavy rain whose intensity is currently pouring down on Jakarta and its surroundings, the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto conveyed his appeal to car and motorbike drivers to have respect and tolerance for other road users.

“The rainy season is here again. It’s raining everywhere. I want to give an advice to the public, both motorbikes and car drivers. For car drivers, if there is puddles of water, be considerate. Don’t just crash into it. If the motorbike hits you, the water will splash,” said Kapolda Karyoto to journalists, Friday, (5/7) yesterday.

For motorbike riders, Kapolda Karyoto also appealed to them to be more careful on the roads. The heavy rain that falls can create lots of puddles which might make holes in the roads covered with water. Because of this, Kapolda Karyoto advised, that you must be careful when riding a motorbike, don’t just go wild on the road. Avoid puddles and holes to avoid accidents.

“Motorcycle drivers also have to be careful, afraid of potholes. Because if they crash, the consequences could be accidents. And we all take care of our health. That’s the most important thing,” he reminded again.

To all its members, Kapolda Karyoto also advised them to always provide the best service to the community. Especially for the detective ranks. Kapolda Karyoto emphasized that all detective ranks must be quick and responsive in responding to complaints and complaints from the public.

“Detective are tasked with and responsible for carrying out inquiries, inquiries and supervising investigations whenever a criminal act occurs or is reported. Please underline the word reported because this must come from the public. Serve and pay attention as best as possible to reports and complaints from the public,” he stressed again.  (Bembo)

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