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Identification of Fictitious Rental Boss Car Renter, Polrestro Jaktim Investigators Look Like Tracking Demons, JAKARTA – The status of the case of the murder of a car rental boss with the initials BH (52) in Pati due to being suspected of being a thief and being attacked has moved to the investigation stage. However, Polres Metro Jakarta Timur investigators are still having problems tracing RP as a car renter because his identity is fake.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly in his official statement said, that the identity used by the reported person to rent with the victim was identified as fake. This was discovered when investigators traced the address on the KTP that RP used when renting a car.

“We have checked according to the address. It turns out that no person was found or the characteristics conveyed via the ID or KTP,” said Kapolres Nicolas to journalists, Tuesday, (2/7).

Likewise, he continued, investigators will continue to try in the field to find the whereabouts of witnesses or report them.

He also said, that in this case investigators had also sent summons twice to the reported RP. But he never failed. When checked at the address according to the KTP, it turned out that the creature with the initials RP that was reported had the status of unseen, aka invisible.

Because the reported address was proven to be fictitious, investigators  issued a wanted list of witnesses. This is in accordance with the SOP that applies to the Bareskrim Polri regulations.

Furthermore, Kapolres Nicolas could not answer whether the photo on RP’s KTP was appropriate.

“We don’t know yet. Until now, the main photo on the KTP is the only one that is used as initial evidence on the search list. It matches the KTP that is there. The identity matches the KTP. However, please remember that the RP KTP main number should be in North Sumatra, not Bekasi. We have do an in-depth study of this matter,” explained Kapolres Nicolas again.

As is known, this case started with a criminal act that resulted in the death of victim BH in Pati. The investigation into this case continued until it was discovered that victim BH had made a report of car embezzlement at the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur.

The car which was suspected to have been embezzled was found in Pati Regency, where the victim was beaten. Armed with the GPS installed in the car, victim BH was determined to go to Pati to check the whereabouts of his car.

Victim BH invited three of his colleagues who work as public transportation drivers to take the car to Pati. The three of them have the initials SH (38), KB (50), and S (30). They received a payment of Rp500.000. But they ended up being injured as a result of the beating that occurred against the BH victim.

Currently, 10 people have been named as suspects in the beating of the BH rental boss. Initially there were four people who were named suspects, namely M (37), EN (51), BC (37) and AG (34). After conducting an in-depth investigation, six more suspects were found, namely S (35), AK (48), SA (60), and SUN (63), NS (29), and SU (39). Meanwhile, RP, as the renter of victim BH’s car, has not yet been detected, as if he were a demon or a supernatural creature. (Bembo)

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