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In Case of Deadly Torture of STIP Cadets Adds 3 New Suspects, Compact Faces 15 Years in Prison, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Utara continues to develop investigations into the case of the fatal abuse of a Jakarta Maritime Science College (STIP) cadet, Putu Satria Ananta Rustika (19). After naming Tegar Rafi Sanjaya (TRS) as a suspect at the beginning of the disclosure, there are now 3 new suspects.

They are AKAK alias K, WJP alias W, and FA alias A. All three were level II cadets at STIP Jakarta, senior to the victim. Just like TRS, the three new suspects were also charged with multiple crimes and face up to 15 years in prison.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan in his official statement said, that all the suspects were collectively subject to Article 351 paragraph 3, Article 55 in conjunction with Article 56 of the Criminal Code. Articles 55 and 56 were also imposed because the three of them were proven to have collaborated to commit violence.

“Articles 55-56 are proof of confirmation of the principle of participation in the criminal process. There is real cooperation in acts or criminal acts of excessive violence,” said Kapolres Gidion, Thursday,(9/5).

He said, that proof of cooperation and participation could be seen from the role of the three suspects in the process of the fatal assault.
The suspect FA, said Kapolres Gidion, played a role in calling the victim to come down to the 2nd floor. Apart from that, the FA was also said to be in charge of monitoring when excessive violence occurred.

“Perpetrator FA alias A who called victim Putu and his colleagues from the 3rd floor to go down to the 2nd floor. According to the senior’s perception, this was identified as being wrong or wearing sports clothes entering the classroom by saying ‘Hey, level one is wearing PDO (official clothes sports), here!’,” he explained.

Apart from calling the victim down to the 2nd floor, the FA also acted as a supervisor when excessive violence occurred in front of the toilet door. This is proven from CCTV and statements from witnesses.

Then the suspect WJP played a role in uttering intimidating words, namely
‘don’t be embarrassed’ and ‘give understanding’ when violence occurs.

“When the process of excessive violence occurred, brother W said ‘don’t be embarrassed by CBDM, tell me’. This is their language. That’s why we carried out an examination of linguists, because there are languages they use which have their own meaning,” he explained again. .

Meanwhile, for the KAK suspect, Kapolres Gidion continued, his role was to identify the victim before excessive violence was carried out by the TRS suspect.

The suspect KAK was proven to have pointed at the victim by saying ‘my little brother is a trusted majorette’.

“Sentences like this only live in their environment. They have their own meaning,” said Kapolres Gidion.

So far, said Kapolres Gidion, his party has examined 43 witnesses. The witnesses consisted of 36 level I, II and IV cadets, STIP caregivers, STIP clinic doctors and criminal experts.

A number of pieces of evidence in the form of post mortem et repertum,
The victim’s clothing, the suspect’s clothing and CCTV have also been checked, including a case study. (Bembo)

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