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In Less Than 1 x 24 Hours, the Police Arrested the Perpetrator who Killed the Corpse in a Sarung in Pamulang, JAKARTA – In less than 1 x 24 hours, the police succeeded
arrested the perpetrator of the murder whose body was found wrapped in the Makadam Housing Complex, Benda Baru,  Pamulang,  Tangerang Selatan.

This statement was officially conveyed by the Kasat Reskrim for the Polres Metro Tangerang Selatan, AKP Alvino Cahyadi to journalists, Sunday, (12/5).

“We managed to arrest the alleged perpetrator last night,” said AKP Alvino.

Even so, he still does not want to provide further details regarding the perpetrator of the murder in this case. He only said that the police were still carrying out a series of investigations into the perpetrators.

“More details will be provided by the Kapolres when it is released. The victim’s identity is also known,” he said again.

As previously reported, Pamulang residents were shocked by the discovery of a body in a sarong at Makadam Housing, Benda Baru, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan on Saturday, (11/5) morning. When the sheath was removed, the condition of the corpse looked very pathetic with the neck almost severed due to the depth of the wound

“It was found that the neck was slit and almost severed,” said Kapolsek Pamulang, Kompol Ghulam Nabi, Saturday, (11/5) yesterday.

He also said, that apart from the slash wounds, a wound was also found on the victim’s left hand, which was thought to be a mark from being stabbed. The victim’s ring finger was also severed due to an alleged sharp object.

“On his left hand he was stabbed twice. His right ring finger was broken, his little finger was almost cut off,” said Kapolsek Ghulam. (Bembo)

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