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In the Last 2 Months, the Polri’s P3GN Task Force Seized 4.4 Tons of Sabu and 2.1 Tons of Marijuana from 7 Prominent Cases, JAKARTA – A total of 4.4 tons of crystal methamphetamine (sabu) and 2.1 tons of marijuana were successfully seized by the Bareskrim Polri P3GN Task Force during the disclosure of 7 major cases in the last 2 months. A total of 6.598 reports have also been published from the disclosure of these cases.

Head of the P3GN Task Force Bareskrim Polri, Irjen Pol Asep Edi Suheri in his official statement at a press conference said, that of the 26.048 police reports handled, 7 prominent cases were successfully uncovered in the period 4 May to 8 July 2024.

The first case revealed was the case of 40 kg of crystal methamphetamine which was handled by the Polda Riau Islands Narcotics Control Task Force. Then the disclosure of cases of crystal methamphetamine weighing 155 kg, 3.300 ecstasy pills, 100 grams of marijuana, 1.215.000 pills of prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC), and 1.024,000 pills of hard drugs by the Polda Metro Jaya  Narcotics Control Task Force.

“Then the third case was revealed by the Polda Jatim Task Force, namely methamphetamine weighing 80 kg,” said Irjen Pol Asep during a press conference at the Bareskrim Polri Building, South Jakarta, Tuesday, (9/7) yesterday.

Furthermore, Irjen Pol Asep continued, was the disclosure of a case by the Bareskrim Polri Narcotics Control Task Force with evidence of crystal methamphetamine weighing 62 kg, 107.668 pills of ecstasy, and synthetic tobacco with a total weight of 1,2 tonnes. This disclosure also included the discovery of illicit drug laboratories in Bali, Medan and Malang.

Next again was the disclosure of a methamphetamine case with a total of 180 kg by the Polda Aceh Narcotics Control Task Force. The sixth was the disclosure of a case of methamphetamine weighing 24 kg and 33.938 ecstasy pills by the Polda Riau Narcotics Control Task Force.

And finally, there was the disclosure of a case of methamphetamine weighing 15 kg by the Polda Sulteng Task Force.

He also saidz that from the disclosure of these 7 prominent cases, his party estimated that they had succeeded in saving 15.6 million lives from the threat of the dangers of drugs. He also emphasized his commitment to continue taking firm action to eradicate drug trafficking and abuse in Indonesia.

“We must save our nation from the dangers of drug abuse. Never allow drugs to develop and become rampant in the life of our nation,” he stressed again. (Bembo)

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