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In the Last Few Days, Polres Metro Jakpus Ranks have Succeeded in Uncovering 3 Criminal Cases, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat ranks have succeeded in uncovering 3 criminal cases in the last few days. The first case that was successfully uncovered was a case of stealing with beatings. Then
the case of possessing a sharp weapon without a permit, and finally the case of aggravated theft of three car tires.

Wakapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, AKBP Anton Elfrino Tristanto in his official statement said, that the three cases had been successfully resolved by the Polsek Kemayoran. The first case was theft accompanied by beatings carried out by two suspects, namely AS (34) and CAD (28).

“This is a case of confinement and theft, where the suspect ordered the victim. Because he was dissatisfied, the suspect planned to steal the victim’s cell phone and money in an apartment in the Kemayoran area. Both suspects were charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code and Article 170 of the Criminal Code with a prison sentence of 9 years,” said Wakapolres Anton.

Next, Wakapolres Anton continued, was the case of arresting two suspects, namely AA (21) and S (23). Both of them had sharp weapons in the form of 2 sickles without valid permits and were subject to Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Emergency Law Number 12 of 1951.

Lastly, Wakapolres Anton said, was the case of heavy theft which went viral on social media, namely the theft of car tires.
in one of the shopping centers in the Kemayoran area. There are also two suspects in this case.

“Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat collaborated with Polres Metro Jakarta Utara to arrest AMP (25) and SH (47), two suspects in this case. Apart from committing theft in Cempaka Mas, Jakarta Pusat, they also did the same thing in the Jakarta Utara area,” he explained.

The two suspects who stole car tires are subject to Article 363 paragraphs 1 to 5 of the Criminal Code. The maximum penalty is 7 years in prison. (Bembo)

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