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Informed that the Man was Sick Under the Angke Flyover, Aiptu Resiani Sagita Responded Quickly to Help with the Evacuation, JAKARTA – Quick response and swift action was demonstrated by Bhabinkamtibmas, Jembatan Lima Village, Polsek Tambora, Aiptu Resiani Sagita when responding to residents’ complaints

At that time, Tuesday, (14/5) yesterday, he received information from residents about a man who was stranded and in ill condition under the Angke flyover.

Hearing this information, Aiptu Resiani rushed to the location to see it directly and check and confirm the man’s condition.

When he arrived at the location, he found that the man was in a weak condition and needed medical treatment.

Not using the babibu anymore, Aiptu Resiani immediately coordinated with the Community Social Worker (P3S) officer of the Tambora District Social Service to carry out the evacuation.

With the help of P3S officers, the man was immediately evacuated from under the Angke flyover and rushed to Cengkareng Regional Hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment.

“After confirming the man’s condition, i immediately contacted the Tambora District Social Service P3S officer to assist with the evacuation process. Good cooperation with related parties is very important in handling cases like this,” said Aiptu Resiani when confirmed, Wednesday, (15/5).

Separately, the Kapolsek Tambora, Kompol Donny Agung Harvida in his official statement expressed his great appreciation for the quick and responsive action shown by Aiptu Resiani Sagita.

He also said, that what Aiptu Resiani had shown was a reflection of the Polri which is always ready to provide the best service and respond quickly to every public complaint.

“The quick action taken by Aiptu Resiani Sagita is clear evidence of the Polri’s commitment to providing the best service to the community. We will continue to strive to improve responsiveness and service so that the community feels safe and protected,” said Kapolsek Donny in praise. (Bembo)

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