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Initiating Religious Service, Kapolres Metro Jakut and Staff Clean Pura Dalem Purnajati Tanjung Puri, JAKARTA – Welcoming the 78th Anniversary of Bhayangkara, Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan took the initiative to hold a religious cleaning and maintenance service Pura Dalem Purnajati Tanjung Puri in Cilincing, Jakarta Utara, Friday, (14/6).

This activity was carried out as a form of dedication of time and opportunity for members of the Polri to be part of a place of worship.

“This is a form of our concern to maintain and care for the place so that it is more comfortable when used. And we are also doing this in order to welcome Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary,” said Kapolres Gidion at the activity location.

Apart from cleaning all corners of the temple, in this religious service, Kapolres Gidion also handed over tools that could be used to maintain cleanliness, such as brooms, trash carts, hoes and dustpans.

“We also distributed tools to maintain cleanliness. Hopefully it will be useful for the temple administrators here,” he said again.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nyoman Artiartabara as Chair of Pura Dalem Purnajati Tanjung Puri expressed his appreciation and thanks for the religious social service carried out by the Kapolres Gidion and his staff.

“Thank you to the Kapolres, the Kapolsek Cilincing and his staff for the action taken today. Thank you also for providing us with tools to support cleanliness to maintain and care for this temple,” said Dr. Nyoman.

He also expressed his hope that the Polri would remain victorious and become more popular in serving and protecting the community at the age of 78.

“At the age of 78 this year, the Polri will remain solid in maintaining security and serving the community. So that we can carry out our activities calmly and safely,” he prayed. (Bembo)

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