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Inviting His Daughter’s Boyfriend to Make Love was Rejected Coz of Body Odor, NKD Recorded Her Daughter Making Love

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – NKD, a ridiculous mother who recorded the scene of her daughter making love with her boyfriend and forcing her daughter to have an abortion turns out to have a crush on her daughter’s boyfriend. This is what makes him lose her common sense to do silly things.

Kasat Reskrim of Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, AKBP Armunanto Hutahaean in his official statement said, that the suspect NKD had indeed invited his son’s girlfriend to make love with him. However, it was rejected because the suspect’s body was considered to smell bad.

“The suspect likes and wants to make love with his son’s girlfriend. But his son’s girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex because of her body odor,” said AKBP Armunanto.

The NKD suspect is currently languishing in the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur detention cell. He was charged with Article 76c in conjunction with Article 80 and/or Article 77a and/or Article 76b in conjunction with Article 77b of Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Amendments to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection and/or Article 346 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 531 of the Criminal Code. The threat of punishment is quite severe, namely 15 years in prison and a fine of up to Rp3 billion. (Bembo)

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