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JNE, Program to Support UMKMs, Proof, JAKARTA – Mention the name of the logistics services company PT Tiki Lane Nugraha Ekakurir or known as JNE, some people certainly remember it as a company that fully supports the lives of UMKMs. This means it’s not just an ordinary expedition company, of course.

How come? There are many innovative innovations that this company has actually made for the lives of UMKMs, you see. And that’s outside of his routine activities of managing logistics package delivery services.

Please note, in the current era of digitalization, JNE continues to expand collaboration to provide maximum service to UMKMs. This company is also listed as one of the logistics partners in the Shopee platform ecosystem.

This collaboration with Shopee started in 2016. The results of this collaboration have proven to be able to bring crucial benefits to the company, where demand for the volume of logistics services from Shopee UMKM players continues to increase.

This collaboration process between JNE and Shopee services has also proven successful in building the best impression for customers or consumers. Evidence of this can be seen from the efforts to increase the optimization of service level agreements or SLAs that customers continue to make.

Because as is known, the main point of the SLA or contract between the service provider and the customer regulates the parameters and standards for the quality of the services provided.

Shopee Indonesia’s Director of Business Partnership, Daniel Minardi in his official statement to journalists some time ago explained, that SLA is one of the references for efforts to improve customer service. Furthermore, Shopee focuses on SLA as a form of excellent service for its customers

“And JNE is one of our key partners to support this effort,” said Daniel.

Meanwhile, SVP Marketing Group Head JNE, Eri Palgunadi on a different occasion said, that his party is optimistic that it can consistently provide the best impression for customers because it is supported by the diversity of logistics service options available on the Shopee platform.

“We certainly hope that the collaboration with Shopee can continue to develop. We will also continue to innovate to support the development and progress of Indonesian UMKM businesses,” he said.

For your information, the neat collaboration carried out by JNE with superior services JNE Regular, JNE YES and JNE Trucking with Shopee has earned JNE an award as a ‘Super Logistic Partner” at the 2023 Shopee Super Award event. Of course, JNE will try to maintain this award again this year.

3 JNE Programs Support UMKMs

At the age of 34 this year, JNE is also known to have launched 3 programs to fully support the development of UMKMs in Indonesia. The three programs in question are, Sharing Session, My JNE Application, and Goll..Online Business Aboration.

The Sharing Session Program is a business experience sharing program broadcast via Instagram Live and Zoom Class with host Ivy Batuta. To make it even more exciting, JNE also collaborated with Adrie Basuki, a fashion entrepreneur who won the APR Award at the 2021 Fashion Designers Competition (LPM) to share experiences from the business world.

This program really felt very beneficial for newbie UMKM entrepreneurs when Indonesia was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many employees were laid off or jobless at that time, so they were forced to look for business opportunities to survive.

Enlightenment for those in this situation was finally obtained when they participated in this program. A number of themes were raised at that time, such as overcoming overthinking in business, preparing mentally and mentally healthy for business, or the relationship between anxiety and finances in business, making these newbie UMKM players more confident in starting their home businesses.

Next is the UMKM support program called My JNE Application. This program is a digital application created by JNE to increase public interest in using JNE delivery services.

Apart from making it easier for people to access JNE services, this application also has a stimulus for collecting points for JLC or JNE Loyal Card owners). At the end of each year the most points will be drawn to win the  JLC Lucky Draw.

The last one is Goll..Online Business Aboration, is the latest program launched by JNE to support UMKMs. This program can actually be considered an accumulation of the two previous programs.

JNE in this program intensely invites UMKM actors to make ground coffee or kopdar to provide training and sharing sessions to UMKM actors whose areas are visited.

This program team has visited various regions in Indonesia in a measurable manner. If something hasn’t been hit yet, please contact JNE customer service to have it noted and scheduled. (Bembo)

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