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Jumbo Arrest, 3P Polda Metro Bust 16 Super Naughty Teenagers Brawling in Cakung Pillian, JAKARTA – The routine city patrol and monitoring of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team  of Polda Metro Jaya on Monday, (24/6) early morning marked 4 area targets being measured. The 4 target areas are Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Timur and Bekasi City.

And as a result of patrol rounds or laps in these 4 areas, a jumbo catch was obtained by 3P Polda Metro in the Jalan Cakung area, Jakarta Timur. Unmitigated, as many as 16 super badung teenagers in the ‘demon child’ category were taken from this area to be ‘carried out’.

The clear story regarding this jumbo catch began with the 3P Polda Metro take off at around 00.30 WIB. Released from command, the patrol team with 25 personnel led by Ipda Donni Prasetio and Aipda M.P Ambarita drove calmly towards the starting grid line on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat. After arriving, the show of force patrol procession was immediately tuned in.

From Jakarta Pusat the patrol team then entered Jakarta Selatan. Monitoring sweeps were carried out in several laps starting from Jalan Tebet, Jalan Jagakarsa, Jalan Kalibata and Jalan Lenteng Agung. It turns out the results are zonk. The situation in the area was recorded as safe, peaceful and under control.

At around 01.25 WIB, the patrol team then entered the Jakarta Timur area through the Ciracas gate.
While crossing Jalan Susukan, the patrol team passed a motorbike rider whose gestures were suspicious. The driver was stopped for inspection. It turned out to be safe, no dangerous objects were brought. Long story short, the driver then ate the liver so he wouldn’t get lost again quickly. The situation is still observed to be safe.

At 02.07 WIB, something similar was found again on Jalan Cikunir Raya. Two young men with suspicious movements riding a motorbike were monitored by the patrol team. Both were immediately stopped and examined. It turns out the results came back clear. Direct dialogue efforts were made to tell them to hurry home.

From Cikunir 3P Polda Metro then enter the roundabout on Jalan Cakung, Penggilingan. Unexpectedly, in this lap there was apparently a brawl. 3P Polda Metro personnel immediately took quick action by attacking and blocking the movements of the perpetrators of this brawl. But they still tried to run away to save themselves.

Eh-eh-eh, it’s easy to escape. It’s easy, make the patrol team rush after them. And in the end you got a lot. After counting, there were 16 super naughty teenagers from the ‘son of the devil’ clan who were obtained from the rags on Jalan Cakung.

When identification was carried out, of the 16 teenagers from the ‘demon child’ clan who were arrested, there were 3 who were categorized as underage. They are Muhammad Satria Saputra (15), Pratama Saputra (16),
and Yausef Shyamary (16).

Meanwhile, 13 other teenagers from the ‘demon child’ clan who were also arrested are certain to be able to apply for visas to stay in prison if they are proven to have committed criminal offenses. The 13 ‘demon children’ are Mubarok (18), Aditya Ramdhan (17), Marchel (21), Revaldo Ramadhan Pramulia (21), Andhika Dwi Arbianto (20), Muhammad Ilhamrum (17), Sendi Toyibul Ahyar (23) , Daffa Pramudya (19), Imran Ardiansyah (20), Aditya Saputra (20), Ahmad Jaffarudin (20), Anggi Surya Anggara (23), and Josua Saputra (18).

Not wanting to waste too much time, the 16 super badung teenagers from the ‘devil’s child’ clan were immediately ‘locked up’ by 3P Polda Metro and handed over to the Polsek Cakung for further investigation. Evidence was also handed over: one sharp weapon, a type of sickle, 5 cellphones and 4 motorbikes, with the details being a black Honda Beat B 5453 TJF, a black Honda Vario B 3055 SZD, a green Honda Scoopy B 5760 TPH and a white Yamaha Fazio B 5060 TSL. .

After this matter was all resolved, at around 05:20 WIB 3P Polda Metro finished their patrol and commando landing at Ditsamapta Polda Metro. The consolidation roll call became the closing siren for this activity. See you again in the next story. Cu. (Bembo)

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