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Kadiv Humas of Polri Reminds Members to Maintain Public Trust and Improve Quality, SURABAYA – Public trust is a fixed price that must be held tightly by the Polri as an institution. Moreover, the duties and functions of the Polri are as servants and protectors as well as protectors of the community. Without the support of high levels of trust from the community, the Polri will undoubtedly not be able to carry out its duties and functions optimally.

This was the initial view expressed by the Head of the Kadiv Humas of Polri, Irjen Pol Sandi Nugroho when opening the Public Relations Technical Working Meeting (Rakernis) at the Wyndham Hotel, Surabaya, East Java, Monday, (22/4).

He said, that the duties and functions of public relations in the future will no longer revolve around public speaking. But you must also be qualified to act as a public relations officer.

“Public Relations is Polri’s front guard in managing and conveying information to the public. Especially regarding the performance and achievements of Polri. The aim is also clear to build public trust so that the reputation of Presisi Polri can be realized well,” he explained with emphasis.

Furthermore, the two-star general who won Adhi Makayasa and the best graduate of the 1995 Patria Tama Akpol Battalion also emphasized that Polri public relations is an important pillar for building public trust. Because according to him, by building public trust, order and security in society will automatically be maintained.

“I remind you now so that it is understood. If public trust decreases, it is not impossible that it will cause disruption to public order. Minimize this by improving the quality of our public relations,” he explained, warning.

More deeply, on this occasion Irjen Pol Sandi Nugroho also ordered all public relations officers to always be present to monitor and follow to the end every police agenda, both routine and special.

“This is the role of the Humas Division to be able to start, maintain activities, accompany activities, and end police activities and package them in a quality and objective manner so that they remain trusted by the public. Understand, carry out and continue to practice this role so that the quality of our abilities increases,” he said ending his remarks. with great hope

Also present at the Public Relations Working Meeting were the Assistant Kapolri

for Human Resources, Irjen Pol Dedi Prasetyo, Assistant Kapolri for Logistics, Irjen Pol Argo Yuwono and Kapolda Jawa Timur, Irjen Pol Imam Sugianto. (Bembo)

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